About ReziDocs

Work with the best company for CCM software and services. Supporting Physicians with increasing revenue, effectiveness and quality of care. While also creating a seamless, supportive and engaging Patient experience. Both matter to us.

Experienced Professionals

From our developers to our call center employee, we have experienced professionals that can create solutions, and overcome challenges for you. We’ve got you covered whether you’re new to using software or an experience user. We’ll make it easy for you to implement CCM because it matters that much.

Powerful CCM Software

We offer free chronic care management plans for our doctors because we don’t anything in between you and the best CCM software on the market. Our software is designed to meet all regulations and compliance’s, while creating a great doctor experience. Including working with all well know EMR/EHR software.

Active Customer Support

When you start implementing our services and software, you’ll get access to a manager ready to support you with answering any questions you have, creating ease of mind with your patients and increasing the speed of the solution whenever you need it. You’re in good hands.

Innovative Progress

Our biggest asset is our ability to innovate and progress in telemedicine and healthcare. We start up to date with new billing codes, requirements, regulations, technology, and solutions so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Full CCM Services

Are you too busy to add another task to your work load? Have limited staff resources? We’re here to support you with implementing CCM at a price that can’t be beat. Our Certified Medical Assistants will provide the monthly 20-minute non face-to-face Patient conversations for you.

Seamless Integration

Our ability to seamlessly integrate our software and solutions with your office makes your job less stressful. Let us support you with the add-on for your office. The setup process can happen very quickly depending on the number of patients you have and the EMR you’e using, but we make it easier for you.